Massages at Results Med Spa are one of a kind. You are one of a kind and we understand the importance of tailored healthcare. Not only do we focus on your physical structure, Lifestyle massages at Results Med Spa are designed to revive and restore general functionality within your body by focusing on releasing stored tension caused by your domesticated lifestyle.

There are 5 different domesticated or work lifestyles:
1. Office or desk work
2. Physical work
3. Active work
4. Transportation work
5. Stationary work

Each of these lifestyles utilize specific repetitive motion and physical stress which translates into everyday aches and pains. With a continuous focus on improving general body and musculature function, Life Style therapy provides an opportunity for your body to rest and recover from daily stress thus promoting your body’s longevity.

Manage your physical stress holistically, Life Style Therapy.

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4 Tenants of a Lifestyle Massage

The massage process focuses on the 4 Lifestyle tenants addressing the main physical functions of the body; massage includes: Mobility, Strength, Rotation, and Stability therapies.

1. Mobility Therapy

Mobility massage focuses on the ability of a joint to move freely through a given range of motion (ROM) without restriction from surrounding tissues.

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2. Strength Therapy

Strength massage focuses on muscles that cause or inhibit a movement. These muscles are also called prime movers since they produce most of the force, and
control of an action.

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3. Rotation Therapy

Rotational massage focuses on a measurement of the distance and direction a joint can move to its full potential.

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4. Stability Therapy

Stability massage focuses on the ability of the surrounding soft tissue to support a joint through a given range of motion so the body can maintain postural equilibrium.

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Each session comes with a lifestyle assessment & tailored massage plan

120 minute Therapy Session – 239.99
Two hour lifestyle full body massage

90 min Therapy Session – 179.99
90 minute lifestyle full body massage

60 minute Therapy Session – 119.99
Included in the VIP Silver Membership
One hour lifestyle half body massage

30 minute Tune-up Session – 59.99
Thirty minute lifestyle massage for targeted areas for injury or tune-up

What are clients saying …

Lifestyle Table Massage

Melinda W.
Lifestyle Massage has made such a difference in my health and well-being. Clint is professional and thorough and has helped me meet many physical goals. A year ago, I couldn’t raise my arm as I held it straight out in front of me. Hadn’t been able to in 7 years. Within a few sessions, I had my range of motion back and virtually no pain. I have always worked a very physical job and it had taken a toll on my body. I am continually amazed at how my flexibility improves each time. Clint’s focus is on whole-body health, and he strives to work with you to help you reach your goals. The space is welcoming and tranquil. Clint is friendly and communicates well, so you always know why a certain therapy is going to be helpful! Cannot say enough about my fabulous experiences with Clint!!

Jamie B.
Today was the first time I had a massage with Clint. After having the same masseuse for the last four years, I must say I was very satisfied. Clint was very KNOWLEDGEABLE and understanding of my needs. He was able to work all my troubled spots, with the exact pressure I like. The WORKMANSHIP he provides is SUPERB! I’ve found a new masseuse and Spa! EVERYONE needs to EXPERIENCE Clint’s TALENT. Thank you Clint, see you in 2 weeks.

Nigel R.
The Spa displayed outstanding customer service skills and provided an excellent massage! I recommend Clint to anyone in the area who needs a great quality massage or stretch. Clint has provided services to my family and friends and I have heard nothing but positive reviews. I received my own massage and instantly saw the results. I feel like I can finally breathe again!

Lorizza D.
Everything! Felt very refreshing, loved the lifestyle chair session, the fact I was able to get in and out and still feeling like I got a full body (with hot stones). Thank you so much, will be back!

Rosetta P.
The lifestyle chair massage was a totally new experience for receiving a massage. My whole body felt rejuvenated and relaxed at the same time. But best of all, all I had to do was sit down for a few minutes compared to an hour.

I have been getting a massage on a regular basis for the past three/four years and have found the best with Clint. Each massage therapist has their techniques that they are good at. Clint not only has his personal techniques but also a good understanding of the body and MUSCLES. I highly recommend Clint, if he is not available, you should think twice about your second choice.

Kashmier M.
I came to the Spa with major back pain. Within 25 min Clint was able to relieve the stress and educate me on future stretches and postures that can stimulate healthy improvement in my pain. Amazing! I still use the techniques and knowledge to strengthen my problem areas today!

Chloe C.
This was my first time with Clint and it was such a wonderful experience. He has great knowledge of the body as a whole and how all the parts work together to help our bodies function to the best of our ability. He applies his techniques in physical massage to aide in a full body response! Will definitely be back!

Amanda H.
Best massage experience I’ve ever had. Clint makes the session about your body’s individualistic needs. And he’s kind and makes you feel comfortable! I walked out feeling lighter and looser in body & in mind. This is the future of healthcare!

Avery R.
Wonderful intentional and thorough massage! I feel rejuvenated after my visit. Loved Clint’s holistic approach to massage and was tailored to my desk work tensions, highly recommend!

Hannah M.
I had an excellent massage in Paradise! There was so much thought and care put into each part of the process. The massage was customized to my problem areas and provided immediate release from tension that had been weighing me down. I immediately felt lighter and more energetic! I left with more information and resources than I’ve ever received after a massage. Love the focus on overall health and future health! I would highly recommend a program here!

D. B.
All massage should be like this! Clint is incredibly knowledgeable and treats each patient as a human being with a story. This is a form of therapy for undoing the negative impacts of whatever physical toils your life puts you through. If you want a massage that changes you physically for the better, go here.

Audrey S.
Clint is truly knowledgeable with how the body works. I love his philosophy and how he truly connects body health to all aspects of lifestyle. Great holistic health practice! My body feels so much more relaxed, I highly recommend him.