Pepper’s Market is a community store created for people who are health conscious and those trying to lose or maintain weight. It is often difficult to find the specialty food you need to support your diet or your challenging health condition. We have made that easy for you.

Our store offers food products that are low calorie, low carb, low fat, all natural, sugar free, gluten free, GMO free, chemical and dye free, and utilizes high grade protein. There are a lot of available foods fortified with added protein but not all proteins are created equal. We only sell products with the highest grade of protein to ensure the protein you ingest has the amino acids your muscle tissue needs to sustain and rebuild itself. This protein is better absorbed by the body than animal protein therefore processing more protein with less calories and fat.

Pepper’s Market is proud to offer the absolute best in natural pharmaceutical grade supplements. These are supplements often recommended by physicians and holistic practitioners. We have witnessed the amazing improvements in clients’ health over the years.

For those on the Ideal Protein ketogenic diet, you will find the entire selection of food. If you are following a “DIY ketosis diet”, you will find a variety of foods to support your program providing you with quality protein.


I have lost 60 lbs! The plan was so much easier to follow than I expected. One thing that helped the most was the food tasting great. The staff was so supportive. I enjoyed seeing different coaches to hear all the different strategies. I couldn’t have been successful without the whole team. I feel so much better with more energy and my life has greatly improved. My weight always overshadowed the good things but now it’s not in my way. Pepper’s Market was the best idea! There was so much to pick from. My advice is “Don’t give up!” You have the road map. Just follow through and you will see results. And the results are worth it!