Live in the moment. Enjoy what you love. Life is too short to sacrifice all the fun! Enjoy every sip of your favorite beverages with all the flavor and fun you love, but none of the unwanted calories and sugar.

50 guilt-free flavors to choose from for your coffee, tea, protein shakes, baking, oatmeal or just about anything. Indulge in delicious, flavorful and sugar-free beverages from morning to night.

Enjoy your healthy lifestyle without compromising flavor, fun or convenience. All of our products are Gluten Free, Kosher, and proudly made in the USA. Look for the new all-natural Stevia sweetened syrups.

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Here’s what clients say:

  • “White Chocolate Syrup is MY FAVE! It is seriously amazing!!! I’m a chocolate lover. I use this in my coffee!”
  • “I use the Butter Toffee Syrup to make iced coffee, which is like having dessert. The Skinny Syrups are delicious and such a great help with me doing a Keto diet.”
  • “My whole family loves Salted Dark Chocolate Espresso Syrup. I may have to hide it until I buy more, lol!”
  • “So far the White Chocolate Syrup is my ultimate favorite! It’s perfect in iced coffee which is my main drink. I honestly couldn’t believe how good it was.”
  • “The Salted Caramel Syrup is the best flavoring for coffee with no sugar!!”
  • “Yum! The Brown Sugar Cinnamon Syrup is seriously sooo yummy. I am doing a keto diet and this syrup is life. I have used it in smoothies and some recipes so far. My favorite way to use it is to dip my keto pancakes in it! Buy it ASAP; you will not regret this purchase.”
  • “Obsessed, Strawberry Rose Syrup! I can’t get enough of this flavor. I put it in my tea and it tastes awesome.”
  • “I have never been one who enjoys flavoring in my coffee, at least not for long periods of time. I usually grow tired of flavors quickly. THIS Salted Caramel Syrup is different. The combination of salt and caramel is such a dynamic flavor that I can’t do coffee without it. Life changing if you eat sugar free.”
  • “Delicious! The taste of this is AMAZING!!! One of my new favorites, Caramel Fudge Waffle Cone Syrup.”
  • “YUMMY Coffee! I love mixing this Vanilla Caramel Cream Syrup and either Caramel Pecan or Maple Bourbon Caramel in my coffee. It is to ‘die’ for!! Before I found Skinny Syrups, I would use a lot of flavored creams, which as we all know are bad for the waist line. With these syrups I can forgo any flavored creams now. It has helped me lose weight on top of tasting GREAT!!!!”