New Dieters

New dieters ready to start the weight loss journey

  • We welcome all New Dieters who want either in-person or virtual appointments.
  • Your product orders will be shipped to your address.
  • Call and schedule your initial consultation appointment. (512) 295-0173
  • Indicate whether this will be an in-person or virtual appointment.
  • The initial consultation appointment will take 1 hour.
  • After scheduling your appointment you will be emailed the instructions on how to register. You will complete the health profile on the platform using the link we send you.
  • An Ideal Protein account will be created for you at You will be able to access Ideal Protein information and videos through this account.
  • Download the free Ideal Protein App on your phone to be used at your weigh-ins.

The New Dieter Program Details

Initial Consultation Fee: $675.00 (save $100 if 2 in the same household join at the same appointment)


  • Medical staff consulting fee
  • 1 hour consultation by a certified Ideal Protein coach
  • Body composition analysis and measurements
  • Ideal Protein Biometric Scale which syncs with the phone app
  • Reusable shopping bag containing 44 individual protein foods (2 weeks plus 2 extra)
  • Micro nutritional supplements for 1 month (Cal-Mag, Multi-vit w/K, Omega-3, Potassium)
  • Branch Chain Amino Acids for 2 weeks
  • 30-day food journal
  • Samples of Ideal Protein water enhancers
  • Sea salt with potassium or plain sea salt
  • Food prep shaker
  • Folder of educational materials
  • Weekly educational, fitness and cooking videos that are archived on the platform
  • An online personal account at
  • Personal account using the Ideal Protein app to track progress, journal, preorder, etc.
  • Coupon to be used for services offered by the Med Spa for local clients
  • FREE coaching through Phase 1 of weight loss (reg $20 per visit)
  • FREE 1-hour Full Body LED Light Fat Reduction Treatment (valued at $175) for local clients
  • FREE membership to Monat natural hair products ($20 value)

Transfer Clients ready to continue their weight loss journey

  • Call and schedule your initial consultation appointment. (512) 295-0173
  • Indicate whether this is an in-person or virtual appointment.
  • This appointment will take 30 minutes.
  • The Transfer fee is $25.
  • Complete the transfer process through your account at
    • Log in to your account, click on My Clinics (located on the left), Click on Change Clinics, Select our clinic, and then Select the clinic you are leaving.
    • If unable to successfully transfer, we will attempt the transfer at your appointment.
  • You will complete a new Health Profile for our clinic.

Returning Clients

  • Call and schedule your appointment (512) 295-0173
  • This appointment will take 30 minutes.
  • There is no fee to restart the diet if you have been a previous client of our clinic.
  • You will need to complete a new health profile if it has been longer than one year.
  • You will be emailed a health profile to complete and return. This can be completed on your computer and emailed back to us before your appointment. (preferred method)
  • We will retake your measurements and biometrics.
  • You will receive new protocol educational materials.
  • Be sure to download the Ideal Protein app on your phone before your appointment.

Lifestyle Protocol for dieters entering the Stabilization and Maintenance Phases

  • Accountability during this time period is crucial to maintaining your weight loss.
  • This program begins upon entering Phase 2.
  • The Phase 2 protocol includes:
    • 30-minute appointments as we work on designing a Lifestyle plan
    • $20 consultation fee each visit, which can be used towards a purchase
    • a new food list and journal will be given
    • the grams of carbohydrates and servings of fat and protein will be determined for weight maintenance
    • practice designing menus
    • new Ideal Protein videos preparing you for maintenance
    • new educational materials will be given
    • Phase 2 lasts until your weight has stabilized, usually lasting 4-6 weeks
    • Phase 2 will prepare you for success in Phase 3 Maintenance
  • Phase 3 includes 17 coaching visits over a 12-month period.
  • The Phase 3 protocol includes:
    • monthly 20-minute appointments to perfect your Lifestyle plan
    • $20 consultation fee each visit, which can be used towards a purchase
    • meal planning for weight loss maintenance
    • determining your Basal Metabolic Rate (the amount of energy your body needs)
    • learning your Macro Code
    • new educational materials will be given
    • new Ideal Protein videos focusing on maintenance
    • coaching on specific topics for accountability to your maintenance plan

My mind and body were finally in agreement – I was ready for my weight loss and transformation – I had a daily walk with migraines, stomach aches and/or back aches and almost believed that was the “norm.” No More! After losing 30 pounds in around 4 months, I feel so good! These previous pains that used to dictate my days are rare and almost non-existent. Ideal Protein worked for me. I was able to eat out with my family, enjoy the food I bought and enjoy my weekly success when checking in with my coaches. It was easy to stay driven with the encouragement I got there. In life there are many things that are out of our control. Your food choices and your body can totally be controlled and managed by you – it’s personal! Be grateful for what God gives you including the choice to live healthy – Enjoy every bite!