Therapeutic Treatments

for injured, damaged or traumatized muscles

The massage is enhance using specially selected therapy tools designed to achieve the greatest recovery possible.

Therapeutic Treatments focus on repairing basic functions of the body systematically by targeting injured, damaged, or traumatized muscles. Therapeutic treatments provide many benefits, such as enhanced circulation, lymph flow, and mobility. Other benefits that can occur over time are heightened strength, flexibility, stability, and range of motion. With a continuous focus on enhancing basic function within the body, Lifestyle treatments open endless opportunities for the body to rejuvenate from improper motor movements. Let us repair and restore your overall functionality the holistic way.

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Friction Therapy

Helps break down scar tissue, and improves connective tissue movement in the joints, as well as moves energy, known as qi or chi, around the body.

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Effleurage Therapy

Increasing blood flow to your muscle to flush out toxins, helps make your muscles more receptive to stretching and relieve muscle soreness and increase relaxation.

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Thermo Therapy

Relieves muscle tightness, soreness, and inflammation, increase your joint range of motion and accelerates recovery and healing.

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Each session comes with a lifestyle assessment & tailored treatment plan

120 minute Therapeutic Session – 299.99
Two hour lifestyle full body treatment & massage

90 minute Therapeutic Session – 239.99
Included in the VI Platinum membership
Two hour lifestyle full body treatment & massage

60 minute Therapeutic Session – 179.99
Included in the VIP Gold Membership
One hour lifestyle half body treatment & massage

30 minute Therapeutic Session – 119.99
30 minute lifestyle treatment & massage for injury or tune-up

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What are clients saying …

Lifestyle Table Massage

Rebecca P.
Clint is very passionate and knowledgeable and made me feel at ease. The massage was totally different than a regular massage-it was more of a corrective/diagnostic massage and it was the best! Highly recommend.

Jill H.
I really enjoyed my experience with Clint. The experience was just for my body and exactly what I needed. I appreciated Clint’s knowledge and intuitive nature. I will definitely be back to keep my body happy and healthy!

Colin R.
Holistic healthcare is one of the most underrated things you can do for yourself! Lifestyle massage is such a game changer for my pain! Clint is very knowledgeable in all areas and he knows exactly what needs to be worked on and where the pain is! He is one of the nicest guys I’ve had the pleasure to meet!

Avery B.
Clint was amazing my hips are new!

Gavin M.
Amazing place. Prices are lowest in town. I signed up for a monthly membership to save even more money.

The lifestyle massage targeted muscles and body areas that I use as a teleworking employee. I felt amazing after the massage and my body was so relaxed the days following the massage. Clint’s work was professional and greatly improved my posture and mobility. I would highly recommend!

Clint has created a process of his own which is a holistic approach to massage. He will ask about your lifestyle and tailor the service to your needs depending on how you spend your day- at a desk, etc.

Clint was so friendly and such a great listener and really paid attention to the areas I needed most and explained why. I get really stiff from the gym and have a lot of trouble spots he really loosened up. Great experience!

Wow – I feel so incredible. The massage was so intentional and built for a long lasting change. He combines so many different holistic modalities in order to truly address the issues you face with the lifestyle you have. He can detect where your tension is and how to fix it. So inspired by his vision and he truly emits such a caring and safe space.

Absolutely amazing each time for my hip/back pin. I feel revitalized like I could go conquer the world after each session!

Wow! For the first time in my life, I felt energized after a massage – like I could do anything and I did! I got home and was so productive. Clint found knots and scar tissues I never knew I had.

Therapeutic Chair Massage

Very relaxing and targeted my problem areas, especially my arms from all of my computer and desk work. Clint recognized my trouble areas on my back and the warm stones were amazing! Overall, I am extremely satisfied and ready for a full body workout.