Cynthia P.

I’ve been on this diet twice. First time I lost 18 lbs. and this time to lose 9 COVID lbs. to get back to maintenance. Debby was very supportive and affective in helping me stick to the program. Any coach is only as affective as we allow them to be so try to follow their guidance. It was difficult to watch my husband chow down on carbs and sugary foods but over time I came to realize it’s my responsibility to myself and my health to stay on tract. I liked watching my weight go down and seeing less and less fat rolls and having my clothing look smooth on me. The pandemic has been difficult in all aspects emotionally but this restart program has helped me lose my “COVID” weight gain. One piece of advice I have to share is to read books on dieting such as “Chasing Cupcakes” and refer back to them during your journey. Know that this is a journey and not a race.


I have lost 60 lbs! The plan was so much easier to follow than I expected. One thing that helped the most was the food tasting great. The staff was so supportive. I enjoyed seeing different coaches to hear all the different strategies. I couldn’t have been successful without the whole team. I feel so much better with more energy and my life has greatly improved. My weight always overshadowed the good things but now it’s not in my way. Pepper’s Market was the best idea! There was so much to pick from. My advice is “Don’t give up!” You have the road map. Just follow through and you will see results. And the results are worth it!


My fat has disappeared. I no longer look as large sideways as from the front. My ab and butt have shrunk considerably. My visceral fat has gone from 18 to 12. Fat lumps on collarbone and neck, jowls, and 2nd chin, and sides of knees have disappeared. Less fat on front of knees (looked like calves had moved to front!) and back of elbows. I began noticing improvement in 8months. I can button lowest button on blouse now. I can tuck blouse into slacks/shorts now as ‘spare tire’ is gone. My dresses/nightgowns have ‘gotten longer’ with fat loss. I can see bathroom scale display without bending over since ab fat is much less. I can lean against bathroom sink without ab ‘apron’ hanging over edge. I had to buy smaller clothes and bras. My 3 rolls of fat have gone to 1 minimum. My cheekbones now are defined as face got thinner. My feet swell less frequently. I’m able to button sweater vests now instead of letting them hang open. My back ‘hip shelf” has disappeared so I don’t have to get up from sitting position and pull down t-shirt. Physical abilities have improved vastly. I used to be breathless when bending over large ab in order to tie my tennis shoes (could only do 1 shoe; raise up to breathe, & then do 2nd shoe). I get up quicker from chairs and at chiropractor’s table as I have stronger core muscles now from exercises. I can sit & cross my legs. I still have to work on loosening hip joint to bring ankle up to opposite knee. I can step up and down the curb more easily. I can now fasten bra in back instead of front. I’m thrilled that inner thighs by groin don’t over lap and ‘slap’ as I walk. I can now sit on footstool and get up, whereas before, I didn’t dare sit that low since I couldn’t get up. In garage, the space between car and cabinet; I can now walk front ways instead of squeezing by sideways.”


Familiar story, tried pretty much everything, but nothing has really worked very well or at best has been a very transitory success. The Ideal Protein diet has finally got me where I need to be- always wanted to be both weight and body fat wise. It was only in looking at my ‘before’ picture that I had realized how much weight I had put on (I gave up looking in mirrors a long time ago). Easily the fastest way to shed fat fast (83.9lbs lost in 21 weeks!) without losing muscle mass and have gone from a 46″ to 34″ pant and 2 XL to medium shirt. This is the lightest I have been in living memory – a real joy to be back running and training properly again and can now do exercises that I have never been able to do before. Huge support from everyone at this center. Everyone has been extremely helpful and motivational, but extra special thanks to my coach Julie. I couldn’t have done it without her excellent tutelage and help tailoring to my food tastes and race training schedule, which I know has been rather abnormal. If you want to lose weight and get your life back, this center is the first stop on your journey.


They go above and beyond to help clients be successful in their weight loss journey. From candid recommendations on products to hiring someone to create meals when we’re too busy to cook our own. Very knowledgeable about the program and experienced from first-hand experience. I could go on, but if your serious about getting to a healthy weight – this is the place to go for help.


My daughter-in-law kept telling me about people she knew that were on Ideal Protein. She thought I should try it because these people were really losing weight, feeling good and some no longer needed some of their medications. I was skeptical because I have tried every diet out there since I was 35 years old. I would lose weight, quit (thinking I could continue on my own) and then gain all the weight back plus some. I have yoyo’d for years. It finally got to where I could no longer lose weight. Anything I tried didn’t work or I lost very little weight. A friend of mine was on Ideal Protein and had lost a lot of weight. I could see how it was working for her. I decided to give it a try. I was amazed when I started losing weight. I couldn’t believe it! My coaches have really helped me a lot. They are always friendly, encouraging me and keeping me on track. They have been with me all the way. The videos I received each week were very informative. They helped me think about different situations, explain what was happening to my body as I was losing weight, and told me how the plan would work for me. This was not easy and you have to plan ahead for social events, in fact you need to plan ahead for every meal. But if you follow protocol, you will lose weight. It is so worth the effort! I am now off my medication I was taking for Type 2 Diabetes and the medication I was taking for cholesterol and feel great. I have lost 61 pounds on my way to maintenance. Thanks Ideal Protein!


I lost a total of 20 pounds following the Ideal Protein protocol. It was an easy program to follow. I loved all of the food options available. It’s helped that the center carries an abundant of products and the newest options from the headquarters. The staff was great! They were uplifting during my lows and celebratory during my highs. I feel great! I finally have my energy back. I am now comfortable and satisfied in my own skin again! Thank you Ideal Protein for allowing the reflection in the mirror to match the person on the inside!


Ideal Protein diet is the only diet I have been able to stick with. It’s perfect because there is no calorie counting! As a former client to a different office- I prefer this center due to the availability to shop in the store without needing an appointment and the high quantity of products providing a wide variety of options to shoppers. I love how my clothes fit, have more energy, and overall feel better about myself. I would recommend this diet to everyone! It’s the most effective diet with results that will blow your mind!


I have been on many diets all of my life, including Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem. I have never had such a positive experience as I have had with Ideal Protein. I attribute that to the diet itself and the support I received from the staff at the center. Most diets are great for younger people with a lot to lose. Since I’m 65 and wanted to lose 20 pounds, weight comes off very slowly for me. Weight loss with this diet was consistent (admittedly not as quick as with most people) and the inches came off. There is enough variety with food choices to satisfy most taste buds. I quickly found the foods I enjoyed. For me, this diet is great because it had healthy food choices that included snacks and sweets. It satisfied my cravings and allowed me to stay on it without the desire to cheat. This is the first time ever I have made it to the maintenance phase. The staff is very knowledgeable, supportive, and extremely caring. They are also very realistic about goals and eating in general. There were always lots of smiles to greet me when I went in for weekly appointments.
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I lost 26 pounds on Ideal Protein. The staff here was very effective and supportive. They provided tons of resources. I loved the videos! The in house store is incredible and provides a wide variety of product that makes this program even easier. I have more energy, my clothes fit me well, and I have more confidence. My food choices are better and I don’t have bouts of sleepiness after eating.


I have lost 45 pounds following the Ideal Protein program. I found it very easy to follow. I enjoyed the taste of the food very much. I liked how supportive and informative the staff was about the program. I am experiencing less back pain and overall I move easier. Thank you Ideal Protein!


65 pounds down, thanks to Ideal Protein! Once I made the decision it was time to make a lifestyle change, I knew Ideal Protein was the right choice for me. I found the diet to be easy and the in-house store made it convenient. The staff was very supportive and provided helpful information on making the products taste better. I love the encouragement to try new recipes. They even provide you with some new ideas to keep things interesting. I don’t have to open my legs to make room for my belly when I bend over. It has brought so much joy back into my life!

Roxi H

Like many of you, I have tried many of the diets out there. I would lose the weight and do ok for a little bit then I would gain it all back and then some. My problem is that I LOVE food. And by that I mean that I am a food addict. I fully admit to this. Just like any other type of addict out there I crave foods that are high in carbs, sugars, and fats. I eat because I am happy. I eat because I am sad. I eat because I find comfort in the food that I eat, and I eat because it is where family and social gatherings come together….around food. Again, I LOVE FOOD! I don’t eat to nourish my body. I eat because it tastes AMAZING! Ever since I had my first child 22 years ago, I have struggled with my weight. As I was sitting in my Sunday School classroom I noticed many of the people in my class becoming thinner and thinner. I finally had the courage to ask them how they did it. How did they lose the weight? They all said they had help through Buda’s Protein Weight Loss Center. And it turns out that one of the people involved in the center, Debby Brewington, is in my SS class. I asked her why she hadn’t said anything to me before and she responded with the most important reason… that I had to make the decision to change my life. She said “I was waiting for you to make the choice on your own. If you don’t believe you are 100% ready then it won’t really work.” I have come to the realization that this is not a diet….it is a lifestyle change and the minute I saw it as a lifestyle change it became attainable. Why? Because no diet ever kept the weight off. I had to change my mindset. Plus I had some motivation. My husband was getting ready to deploy for a year. I started my lifestyle change the week he left overseas. I will admit, the first week was very difficult. I was irritable, dealt with headaches, and seemed to crave everything in sight. My daughter helped me get through the first week by providing encouragement and bringing me advil and plenty of water to drink. It’s amazing what you want to eat when you realize you can’t have it for a while. The first week was promising even with the rough start. I lost weight….and it wasn’t just a pound or two. It was pretty significant for me. The second week I lost more weight. By the end of the first month I had lost close to 20 pounds. Now, don’t get me wrong. I still struggled with wanting to eat everything in sight. I just had to get into a routine. I would wake up and tell my self over and over again….. “No matter what, don’t stray off the diet.” I would make sure the night before I would have my lunch packed and ready to go. I had a plan and I didn’t want to fail. My plan was to surprise my husband with a “new” me. He had no idea I was working towards losing weight. I wanted to be able to go on a trip with him when he got home. I wanted to be able to go on hikes, white water rafting, zip lining, and enjoy the beaches without having to take breaks every 15 minutes. I wanted to live a full and fun filled life with my husband and see my kids grow up. And I was determined to change the way I treated my body and start a lifestyle change that could become routine. When my husband returned, I had lost 55 pounds. During this transformation I had stumbles and I fell off the wagon. But because I had decided that this was not a diet but a lifestyle change, I just got right back on it and continued forward. I know I will have ups and downs, but I also know that I can step right back into it to maintain my desired weight. And I know that because I am still and will always be a food addict I will have to be watchful and aware. I have been impressed with the support that is in place at the Buda Protein Weight Loss Center. It has helped me maintain my weight by offering suggestions and guidance as well as accountability. I would not and can not do this alone. At least not yet. The struggle is real, but the rewards are so worth it. I am forever grateful to Buda’s Protein Weight Loss Center for giving me a way to take back my life.


Blood Tests Don’t Lie!

I began this diet as a supporter for my sister, Debby. When I went to the Dr. I had a blood panel done to see the condition of my body before I began. I did not have any medical concerns prior to this meeting but the blood test results painted a different picture. My blood panel showed that I was a risk for diabetes, had very high cholesterol, borderline hypertension and identified other concerning factors. My doctor wanted to put me on cholesterol medication right away but I requested to wait until I finished the diet. This diet has been the first weight loss plan that works with my busy schedule and encourages me with the instant, visible results. I enjoyed the journey of clearing out my closet and I am looking forward to building a new wardrobe. I was never hungry and the foods were very satisfying. I love the way my new body feels. I began this diet at 260 lbs and have lost 90 pounds. I never thought that I would see my before baby weight. I have overcome the struggle that many people experience and I look forward to sharing my experiences and coaching others to reach their personal weight goals. I will be visiting the doctor soon to redo my blood test. I look forward to sharing the results with you! UPDATE: The blood test results were PERFECT!


All I Can Say is WOW!

“All I can say is, “WOW!” Since starting I have lost 85 pounds and who knows how many inches. Within the first 4 weeks I was taken off of my blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol medicines. I have gone from a 42″ pant to a 31″ pant and a 2X shirt to a medium. It didn’t take too long to get into the routine of the plan but once I did, it was easy. Dedication, will power and not cheating was the key. I would recommend Ideal Protein to anyone. Big THANKS to Debby, Kelly & Chris for all of their guidance, support and encouragement.”


I Enjoyed Every Bite!

My mind and body were finally in agreement – I was ready for my weight loss and transformation – I had a daily walk with migraines, stomach aches and/or back aches and almost believed that was the “norm.” No More! After losing 30 pounds in around 4 months, I feel so good! These previous pains that used to dictate my days are rare and almost non-existent. Ideal Protein worked for me. I was able to eat out with my family, enjoy the food I bought and enjoy my weekly success when checking in with my coaches. It was easy to stay driven with the encouragement I got there. In life there are many things that are out of our control. Your food choices and your body can totally be controlled and managed by you – it’s personal! Be grateful for what God gives you including the choice to live healthy – Enjoy every bite!


Better Health Was my Goal

I began Ideal Protein a week before celebrating my 70th birthday. The reason I made the decision to begin the program, was primarily for my health. I had been diagnosed with Diabetes, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure and Osteo-Arthritis. My husband is 87 and I needed better health in order to care for him. The staff at Buda’s Protein Weight Loss Clinic are the BEST…caring, supportive and helpful. My coaches were always willing with ideas, advice and research to solve any problem I was having. THANKS TO ALL!!! My greatest inspiration and support has been my daughter, Francy, who has achieved success on the program. My sweet husband has also inspired my success and transition to good health. I have lost 70 lbs and my metabolic age is 56. My body is healthy and my energy level is high. Thanks IP and Buda’s Weight Loss Center. I’m ready to begin maintenance.


Healthy Feels So Good!

Visiting my doctor’s has always been stressful. The general practitioner started me on insulin and cholesterol medicine. The orthopedic surgeon said, after two knee surgeries, I will need a knee replacement soon. The podiatrist said my arthritic ankle can no longer support my weight. And the spine specialist said I must have major reconstructive back surgery but the healing process would be difficult due to my weight and diabetes. This is a snapshot of my life over the last 5 years as I have fluctuated between 255 and 275 pounds. I have worked with my doctor on various diets but nothing gets me past the first 20 pounds. We began discussing gastric bypass surgery as my only hope. He soon discovered research on the Ideal Protein program. During an office visit he told me this diet would definitely work and allow me to stop taking insulin. On June 9, 2014, I started the program and discovered he was right! I no longer take insulin, diabetic medication, and cholesterol medication. My blood pressure is normal. My orthopedic surgeon said I may be able to wait 10 years before knee replacement surgery and my ankle no longer hurts. I recovered from my back surgery and now find it much easier to walk. I cannot remember when I felt this good. As of March 30, 2015, I have lost 85 pounds from 258 and still losing. The diet has been so easy. I have been amazed at how quickly the weight and inches have fallen off. No diet has ever worked this well and this fast. I find myself in a state of shock, when I look in the mirror, and asking myself how a diet can work so well. I now understand the science behind this success. Being on this program helps me identify with others who are experiencing similar frustrations with weight loss. I not only understand but I can explain why they are frustrated and what they can do to be successful. The Ideal Protein program is God given, blessing me with good health again. Now I feel the desire to share this success with others to help them reach their weight loss goal. Coaching others is the next step in my journey.


This Diet Is Worth It!

The Ideal Protein diet has enabled me to lose 78 lbs.! It took about 8 months, losing about 2 lbs. per week on average. I love the fact that you burn fat, without exercising. I now have a new wardrobe and shopping has become fun again! Debby, Kelly, and Chris at Buda’s Weight Loss Center are really positive and encouraging. helping me to stay on track and continue losing weight consistently. They have a big variety of foods at the center which keeps the diet from getting boring. I would recommend this diet to anyone who is serious about losing weight. It’s restrictive, but is so worth it! testimonials type-testimonials status-publish hentry testimonial_categories-weight-loss”>


Ideal Protein diet changed my life! I have lost 65.2 pounds by following this program. It was hard the first week- as is any new routine. Once I got over the initial hurdle, the diet was a breeze. I loved how good the food tasted. The chocolate shake was my favorite! The weekly check-ins helped hold me accountable. The staff was very friendly and helpful all the time. The holidays were tough, as I wanted to enjoy some of my favorite foods. Special events also posed a challenge and I was tempted to break the diet- but I didn’t. I like how I fit into clothes now. My aches and pains have gone away! My self-confidence has increased tremendously! It is life changing. Just do it! You CAN do it!


I recently saw Kendall Lewis for a facial service. She was AMAZING!! She’s so knowledgeable and knew exactly how to make my old abused skin look vibrant and glowing again. I HIGHLY recommend her. She does beautiful lash extensions as well. Tell her Aimee sent ya!


My wife is new to this country and has had trouble with her skin adjusting to the difference in how arid it is here compared to where she comes from. She was skeptical at first but we found this place while driving through town and she made an appointment. Kendall was very helpful, professional and kind to my wife and made her less anxious especially because her English isn’t perfect. Kendall took the time to explain everything she was going to do and it was easy for my wife to understand. My wife definitely recommends Results Med Spa and Kendall. My wife said to Kendall “Thank you for making me feel comfortable in my own skin!” She will certainly be returning to see Kendall again.


This center offers a comprehensive plan to lose weight and maintain your healthy weight. I’m going into week 3 of phase 1 and the plan is very doable and easy to follow. I’ve lost weight and inches already and looking forward to a new me-forever! Great leadership, professional staff, strategic thinking, and personalized service.


I have lost 50 lbs in 6 months and now am stepping off of the program.


If you are even considering doing Ideal Protein … STOP… AND JUST DO IT!
After hearing other people’s positive experiences and considering what would “work” for me, I finally stopped coming up with reasons against it and just decided to commit to it. All I can say is – AMAZING! Living a hectic lifestyle with lots of travel, the flexibility of IP was perfect. I never felt I couldn’t follow the plan even if we were eating out in a dash or at an indulgent restaurant. The results were amazing and immediately noticeable. I truly cannot believe where I began and where I have finished . I know that it is a lifestyle and I will continue to stay on track while embracing the Phase 4 Plan. Thank you so much for giving me back my energy and drive to be me in the body of my 20’s!!!!


My doctor gave me the bad news of starting insulin for my diabetes. The news made me cry. All the diets I had tried just made me heavier over time because I didn’t change my eating habits after I had lost the weight. I stayed on insulin for about 5 years and got heavier. I was approaching 300 lbs. and was on 2 diabetic medications, cholesterol and blood pressure medications. My extensive blood work-up showed all the categories in red. I visited my doctor to discuss having a stomach surgery. He notified me several weeks later of the Ideal Protein diet and how he thought it would change my life. He was right! After 8 months I was 85 lbs. lighter, off all the medications and my follow-up bloodwork was all in the green! I am in good health and so much happier. I was greatly impressed by the coaches because they had all journeyed losing weight from obesity. They get it! I have been on maintenance for a few years and have learned from my coach how to eat, indulge a little and not put the weight back on. I have returned to the diet to lose more weight. It’s so comforting to know that IP is always there when you need it with understanding coaches.


I get facials done regularly from Kendall. I go to Results Med Spa because I get such great service every time ! Kendall is a Derma plane PRO!!!! She helps to smooth my skin to allow products to go on soooo well after! Kendall is one of few people I trust doing extractions on my face. I fully trust in Results Weight Loss and Med Spa aesthetician’s knowledge in skin care. Kendall always leaves my face feeling clean. :)) thanks you guys!


I love Ideal Protein – but what makes it the best is the awesome support at Buda’s Protein Weight Loss Center!


The diet, the food and the program — wonderful!!


I was motivated to try the IP system when I met a friend that lost 78 pounds using it. It works! I found this to be the easiest of diets to follow. The staff’s support and encouragement, plus the weekly accountability, were a true help in my journey. Thank you for helping me find myself again!


I am delighted to say THANK YOU to the friendly folks for helping me lose 50lbs with the Ideal Protein weight loss protocol. The tasty products and the friendly, encouraging counseling are remarkable!


This is the only diet that has ever worked for me. The staff was knowledgeable, patient, and kind. They were more like family then staff. I would highly recommend them to all.


I like sitting in a chair and not overlapping the edge.


For the first time I am not skipping pool parties out of fear of being seen in a bathing suit. This summer I am actually looking forward to showing off my new ‘summer bod’. I can’t wait to hear all of the compliments!